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12/04/2000 11:51:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon with Mark Phippen
Story Arcs Continue: BBC editor Justin Richards revealed to DWM that "a shocking new series of twists and turns" is part of the current commission series of Eighth Doctor books for the latter half of 2001, leading up to the BBC's 100th DW novel released in January 2002.
Cover Redesign?: Could a redesign of the BBC books' covers be in the cards in the near future? There are currently rumors at BBC Books that BBC Worldwide wants to revamp the covers to bring them more in line with the DVD covers (which, by reactions elsewhere on the web, are almost universally hated). More information as we get it.
The Five Missing Books: As many dedicated Doctor Who readers in North America know by now, five Doctor Who novels from BBC Books have gone astray on the US release schedule: "The Ancestor Cell," "The Burning," "Heart of TARDIS," "The Banquo Legacy" and"Prime Time". After repeated checking, we have discovered that the release date listed by London Bridge is now April 2001, though a recent update from London Bridge to the owner of Ambrosia Books, Ken Barr, indicates that (a) this hold-up may be rectified a bit sooner and the books released earlier than April (perhaps even as early as January 2001), and (b) that three of the five books may indeed begin shipping out within a matter of weeks. (We have not confirmed which three.) All five books were earlier released to specialty bookstores and some chain outlets (including some Borders and Barnes & Noble booksellers) that had specifically ordered them; however, after these initial releases, the distributor closed release of these books, and therefore, retailers are unable to reorder them (or chain bookstores and online bookstores such as, order them in the first place). Overseas retailers (and overseas online shops such as are unaffected, and it appears Canadian booksellers can still get them. Retailers who have copies (such as Ambrosia which does have copies of three of the books left) have them from their initial orders. The BBC has been made aware of the April 2001 release date but at the moment is unable to get that date changed; the books are now unavailable to any and all retailers until that time. We will keep you posted when we receive further information on the release of these books.
      Meanwhile, author Dave Stone has taken the ball, so to speak. "Free the Fatal Five" T-shirts and other merchandise are now available via the CafePress website, with a logo created by Stone (the author of one of the five books in question, "Heart of TARDIS").
Introducing Anji Kapoor: BBC Books editor Justin Richards has given fans a taste of new companion Anji Kapoor, who makes her official debut in the February 2001 Eighth Doctor novel "Escape Velocity" by author Colin Brake. Anji is a trainee stockbroker in the London's City financial district and will join the Eighth Doctor for further adventures in space and time. "Anyone suddenly throw off into space is going to be out of their depth," says Richards. "The new companion, Anji, who we've got coming in, is someone very professional, very good at the job she does - she's 27, 28 and something in the City and absolutely the tops at what she does - and yet suddenly she's in a situation where none of these skills matter, and it's all completely over here head. She's out of her depth not through any fault or lack of intelligence of her own - it's something she's completely untrained in, and environment she's no idea how to influence. Very much how we'd really be if that happened to us - if you woke up one morning and found yourself on an alien planet, God knows what you'd do. You wouldn't have a clue. I'd probably go to pieces. ... The brief I gave Colin Brake -- who's writing Anji's introductory story 'Escape Velocity' -- was pretty much what I've just told you. She's got skills that aren't directly related to what she'd going to be doing - if she was in the SAS or something, it'd be obvious how that would relate to the sort of adventures she'd going to be having. But if she's got a head for numbers, or can predict how economies are going to rise and fall, then that's more interesting to play with in a different sort of way. So that's what I gave Colin. He came up with the background for her -- an Asian Englishwoman -- and also a wacky brother, who's into UFOs and stuff, which she really has no time for at all. ... Since we announced she'd be coming in, a couple of people have asked if she'd based on Milly in 'This Life'. I've never watched 'This Life' - well not more than 10 minutes at a time. I asked Colin and he said 'I've never seen it. I haven't got a clue!'. However you build them, companions have to be an archetype to some degree - so it wouldn't be a surprise if there was some contemporary resonance..."
The Monthly Telepress: Jac Rayner of BBC Books has created The Monthly Telepress, a new email newsletter designed to keep readers updated with developments in the world of Doctor Who fiction. To subscribe, send a blank email to
New BBC Submissions Guidelines Online: BBC Books has shared with Outpost Gallifrey the latest version of the submission guidelines for prospective Doctor Who fiction. Check it out by clicking here. (Thanks to Jac Rayner.)
BBC Book Release Notes (Fiction):
  • Dave Stone ("Heart of TARDIS") pens his first Eighth Doctor book for July 2001, entitled The Slow Empire
  • Keith Topping ("The King of Terror") has sold Byzantium!, a First Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Vicki novel, to BBC Books. The novel takes place in the month-long gap between the TARDIS landing in "The Romans" and the remainder of the story, and is confirmed for release in July 2001
  • Steve Emmerson ("Casualties of War") is on the list of authors likely commissioned for books in late 2001.
  • Peter Darvill-Evans pens his second BBC book in May 2001, entitled Asylum, a Fourth Doctor novel set in 13th Century Oxford. The book is a 'Name of the Rose' style mystery with a science fiction twist, and features the Fourth Doctor and Nyssa - albeit the post-'Terminus' Nyssa, who re-encounters the Doctor before he first meets her younger self in 'The Keeper of Traken'. It is believed to take place in the "Deadly Assassin"-"Hand of Fear" gap.
  • The demise of Lawrence Miles ("Interference") in the BBC Books line may have been premature... as it now appears Miles is currently pitching a new novel for 2001.
  • Mike Tucker returns again with a Third Doctor, Jo Grant and UNIT novel originally set for release in July 2001 but now delayed, likely to October
  • The November 2001 Past Doctor book will feature the Second Doctor.
  • Author David McIntee will indeed return in August 2001 with Bullet Time, a Seventh Doctor story, "a quasi-contemporary thriller set in Hong Kong and the Far East in which the Seventh Doctor, travelling alone prior to the TV Movie, shares the limelight with investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith." (Actually, says McIntee, the book is more a Sarah novel with the Doctor rather than the reverse).
  • Martin Day pens the February 2001 Past Doctor adventure Bunker Soldiers. It's a First Doctor, Steven & Dodo pseudo-historical adventure. Day has confirmed that the book has been moved to the February slot, replacing "Psience Fiction" which was delayed until later in the year.
  • Kate Orman returns to the Doctor Who fold with June 2001's The Year of Intelligent Tigers, an Eighth Doctor book set on an Earth colony and featuring, as the title suggests, talking alien tigers. Meanwhile, Trevor Baxendale, as previously reported, pens Eater of Wasps, an Eighth Doctor book due for release in May 2001 and set in a quiet English village with mayhem, murder and wasps.
  • Former BBC Books editor Stephen Cole returns in April 2001 with Vanishing Point, an Eighth Doctor book with Fitz and Anji.
  • According to Doctor Who Magazine, one of the Past Doctor books in the first half of 2001 (probably June) will feature the Daleks. The title and author are as yet unknown.
  • BBC assistant editor Jacqueline Rayner recently confirmed that there would be no fourth "Short Trips" volume for 2001 from BBC Books.
  • Novelist Nick Walters will write his third Doctor Who novel for BBC Books, Superior Beings (formerly "The Gardens of Rocosia"), a Fifth Doctor & Peri novel set for release in June 2001. The book "introduces a new race of aliens, the vulpine Valethske, and is set on the "garden planet" of Verde Alturas" according to Walters, who told Outpost Gallifrey: "The novel features some human characters - the story has changed a great deal from the initial synopsis. The main stars are, however, the Valethske - a race of vulpine, bipedal aliens on a quest to track down an ancient enemy of legend."
  • Editorial assistant Jacqueline Rayner's first Who novel is on the schedule: EarthWorld, an Eighth Doctor book with Fitz and Anji, scheduled for March 2001. "Earthworld" marks a return to adventures in time and space, following the earthbound arc of stories ending with Escape Velocity. It is set on an alien planet which is the site of a huge theme park celebrating Earth history, staffed and peopled by androids. In addition to lots of 'evil teenage girls', it also features a cameo appearance by a monstrous adversary of the Doctor in the 1960s.
  • "Rags" is a new Third Doctor/Jo Grant/UNIT novel by Mick Lewis, the author of the horror novel "The Bloody Man"; this is his first Doctor Who commission. "Rags" will be released in March 2001 (moved from April).
  • Gary Russell returns in April 2001 (moved from May) for "Instruments of Darkness", the 'third and final' part of the loose 'trilogy' of his books from the Sixth Doctor era (including "The Scales of Injustice" and "Business Unusual"), featuring Melanie and a special guest appearance by Evelyn Smythe, the new companion character created for the Big Finish Doctor Who audio line.
  • Craig Hinton pens his first BBC Doctor Who novel, "The Quantum Archangel" in early 2001. The book is a sequel to the TV episode "The Time Monster" and features the Master and the Chronovores and is set for release in January 2001.
  • Colin Brake's novel "Escape Velocity," slated for February 2001, introduces new companion Anji Kapoor and features an invasion of Earth.
  • Lance Parkin returns to the Doctor Who fold with "Father Time", the January 2001 Eighth Doctor novel. "Earth in the nineteen-eighties is a battleground. Rival alien factions have travelled from the far future to pursue their vendetta. As UFOs fill the skies, a giant robot stalks the Derbyshire hills, and alien hunters search for the mysterious Last One, the Doctor is the only man who can protect the innocents caught in the crossfire. But old scores are being settled, the fate of a Galactic Empire is at stake, and, against his will, the Doctor is drawn into a decade-long war that will strike at those he holds most dear. The Doctor has lost his memory, his friends, his past and his TARDIS. All he has now is the love of his daughter. But will even that be taken from him?"

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12/02/2000 11:57:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon with Mark Phippen
Doctor Who Magazine 298: Now in release, DWM 298 features a free exclusive trading card. Also in this month's issue: a feature interview with actress Kate O'Mara (the Rani); part two of the new comic strip, "The Autonomy Bug"; a feature on the taping of the new Doctor Who radio drama "Death Comes to Time"; reviews and news articles; "The Time Team" discuss "The Power of the Daleks 3" to "The Highlanders 4"; and "Black Orchid" is the latest feature in the Archives. (Thanks to Gallifrey 5 for the cover & details)

Milwaukee Who Exhibit: A Doctor Who exhibit is being sponsored by the Milwaukee School of Engineering. The display entitled "TIME AND SPACE ON TELEVISION: An Exhibit of Realia from the Longest Running Science Fiction Show in the World" will feature items and printed works related to the series, and "is designed to educate students and visitors to the importance of popular culture studies and also to educate and entertain those interested in science fiction" according to the press release. "Items such as books, annuals, cards, action figures, comic books, toys, and autographs will be featured. The display will also feature costumes that were worn on-screen in the Doctor Who episodes 'The Caves of Androzani' and 'The Trial of a Time Lord.'" The exhibition runs November 23 2000 to February 1 2001 at the Walter Schroeder Library of the Milwaukee School of Engineering in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. For more information about the exhibition, or visit

Washington Post on Who: The Washington Post newspaper ran a special article on Doctor Who on Saturday, December 2 in conjunction with Maryland Public Television's broadcast of the program. To view the article, visit

Interstellar Transmissions: A local radio show in West Palm Beach, Florida, fan Joey Reynolds is now hosting this new radio interview/news series which concentrates on British SF, including Doctor Who. Visit

Dark Dimension Screenplay Auction: A script for the abandoned Doctor Who project "The Dark Dimension" was found stuffed in the drawers of a piece of furniture formerly belonging to a BBC executive, is up for sale at an auction in Swindon, noted as "part of an archive of papers relating to unquestionably the most famous science fiction (TV) programme of all time," and estimated to fetch between 1500-2000 pounds at the sale. "The Dark Dimension" was the aborted 1993 special that would have featured Jon Pertwee, Colin Baker, Tom Baker, Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy, written by Adrian Rigelsford; it was abandoned due to contractual difficulties and behind-the-scenes concerns. The collection of papers also includes an intriguing memo noted "Dr Who - Long Term Strategy" and includes the item "Under no circumstances should this document be left lying around. Whovians are everywhere and this is a very senstive document. I would not like to see it reproduced in any Dr Who magazines!"

Dead Ringers Update: The popular radio comedy series returns this week in the UK, and, as before, features a wickedly accurate impression of Tom Baker making strange phone calls to unsuspecting members of the public and celebrities. The series airs on Fridays at 6.30pm on Radio 4, and is repeated on Saturdays at 12.30pm. Radio 4 has been promoting the series with a series of trailers featuring "Tom" prompting people to listen to the series. (Thanks to the official BBC website)

Record Collector Article: The new November issue of the magazine (issue 255) features an article on Mark Ayres' work on archiving and restoring the Radiophonic Workshop recordings, and the series of BBC Music CDs. (Thanks to the official BBC website)

An Englishman Abroad: Producer Innes Lloyd's critically-acclaimed, 1983 BAFTA award winning dramatisation of the relationship between Royal Shakespeare Company actress Coral Browne and the exiled spy Guy Burgess gets a well-deserved repeat on BBC TWO on Saturday, November 4th at 9.10pm. Cast members with Doctor Who connections include Vernon Dobtcheff (The War Games), Harold Innocent (The Happiness Patrol and Paradise of Death) and Denys Hawthorne (Terror of the Vervoids). (Thanks to the official BBC website)

Strictly Ink Trading Cards: A new series of trading cards have just been released from Strictly Ink. "Strictly Ink's First Release, The Doctor Who Limited Edition Nine Card Series One Preview Set. This numbered set is limited to only 4,000 sets worldwide and contains 9 super premium cards and a special tenth Montage card. Within the set are all of the actors who played the Doctor and a mystery inclusion! Also all sets come in a solid display box with a Strictly Ink Seal of Authenticity." A number of the cards have been autographed from a number of Doctor Who stars: Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, June Hudson (designer), Elisabeth Sladen, Sophie Aldred, Anneke Wills, Katy Manning. For more information, visit (Thanks to Paul Gordon at Doctor Who Shop for the news!) A look at the cards:

First Day Covers: Two new stamps were released recently by The Stamp Centre. Both are limited to 1500 copies; the first is signed by Tom Baker and artist Chris Achilleos (and features his first new montage design since 1983), the second (called "The Assistants United") features signatures from seven former companions. More information is available at The following is the artwork for the two new stamps, followed by three previous issues below that; click anywhere to enlarge them. (Special thanks to Nigel Potter at Gallifrey 5)

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12/02/2000 11:53:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon with Mark Phippen
Morris Barry, former BBC director whose works include directing three Patrick Troughton Doctor Who tales ("The Moonbase," "The Dominators" and the classic "Tomb of the Cybermen"), passed away in November at age 82. Jonathan Barry, the director's son, contacted Outpost Gallifrey to inform us of the death of Mr. Barry, whose work on "Dr. Whoof" (as he called it) was important in the early years of the program. Barry taped the introduction to "Tomb," which had been discovered in 1992, for the video release of the serial.

John Savident, who portrayed Squire John in "The Visitation," was stabbed at his Manchester flat in the early hours of December 1, for reasons unknown. He is said to be in a safe condition at hospital. (Thanks to Mark Campbell)

William Russell (Ian Chesterton) will appear in this weeks episode of Heartbeat (on ITV at 8pm Sunday 12th in the United Kingdom). He plays an ex-MP with a "shady past" - according to the Radio Times. Meanwhile, Russell will be celebrating his 76th birthday on Sunday, November 19... our hats off to him! (Thanks to Patricia Gonzalez and Andrew Meadows)

Lawrence Davidson, who played the Draconian First Secretary in Frontier in Space, died in October. He also appeared in episodes of The Saint and Danger Man.

An interview with Paul Sams and Bob Baker on the 'K9 Unleashed' documentary video from Reeltime seemed to be fairly positive on the long-proposed K9 animated series actually being made in the near future. Some CGI work is shown on the new video release. (Thanks to David Whittam)

Actor Julian Rhind-Tutt from the BBC Doctor Who Radio serial "The Paradise of Death" is playing the part of Pimms (the villain's henchman) in the forthcoming film "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider," based on the popular video game. Red Dwarf fans will also be interested to learn that Chris Barrie ('Rimmer') is to play Lara Croft's butler. (Thanks to Colin John Francis)

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11/28/2000 11:49:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon with Mark Phippen
National Dr. Who Night: Several US PBS stations are showing a "National Doctor Who Night" broadcast (the same episodes at the same time), including stations in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Ohio, Iowa, Maryland, Indiana, Washington State and Colorado. Sylvester McCoy was the evening's host for the taping. (The Pennsylania airing on WQED, where it was taped, already occurred in late October.) Showings include WCET Cincinnati OH (November 18), KBTC/KCKA/K65BU Tacoma WA (December 2), MPT Maryland (December 2), NHPTV New Hampshire (December 10), iPTV Iowa (March 2001), and WYIN Gary IN and KBDI/K32EO Denver/Colorado Springs CO (date unknown). For more specific information, read the This Week in Doctor Who column.

Northern Ireland Showings at Queen's Film Theatre: Several Doctor Who stories are being shown on Saturday afternoons in Belfast, Northern Ireland in the run up to Christmas at the Queen's Film Theatre. These include "The Five Doctors," "The Daemons," "The Web of Fear" and 4 mystery episodes, "Attack of the Cybermen" and "Destiny of the Daleks." For more information, visit the website at (Thanks to Stephen Law)

Who Returns to Dallas: KERA 13 in Dallas, TX is going to air Doctor Who for the first time in years, starting Saturday, December 2nd. KERA will air the episode versions of the Jon Pertwee stories, beginning with Spearhead From Space.

New Zealand Renewal: Prime TV in New Zealand is ordering 142 more episodes of the series , from The Time Monster through Image Of The Fendahl. This is certainly good news. One of the episodes will be episode 1 of Invasion Of The Dinosaurs, which has never aired before in New Zealand (likely to air early in 2001.)

Canada Film Showing: Though the series no longer airs in Canada, SPACE wil be running the 1966 movie "Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.", an adaptation of The Dalek Invasion Of Earth starring Peter Cushing, on Saturday, November 25th at 2PM EST (3:30PM Newfoundland Time, 11AM PST). For one day at least, the Doctor will be back.

BBC Canada?: In April 2000, the BBC and Alliance Atlantis productions submitted a bid to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to launch BBC Canada, a digital Cable network. The station was approved by the CRTC in late November. Doctor Who would theoretically be one possibility for broadcast on this new network, likely to be in operation in late 2001, as it is on BBC America. (Thanks to Benjamin Elliott and Jamie Howse)

New Word on the TV Movie Rights in America: Some curious news about the rights to rebroadcast the Doctor Who 1996 TV movie with Paul McGann in America. Sources indicate that the US rights to the 1996 film are held by Studios USA (formerly Universal.) FOX's rights to the program apparently expired in May 2000 -- not the previously rumored New Year's eve 1999 expiration. The cost to purchase the rights to the program are, unfortunately, prohibitive for PBS stations (somewhere in the ball park of half a million dollars.) Studios USA, however, is owned by Barry Diller, who also owns the USA Network and the Sci Fi Channel, so it is possible that the movie could turn up on one of those two outlets. (Information courtesy Benjamin Elliott)

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11/28/2000 11:44:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon with Mark Phippen
A New Doctor Who Film Report: Over the November 25-26 weekend, the Sunday Times in the UK broke a new film-related story. Entitled "Dyke calls up Daleks to take on Hollywood," the article by media editor Nicholas Hellen suggested (erroneously, as we have been able to confirm) that a new Doctor Who film is imminent. "MOVE over Darth Vader, here come the Daleks," says the article. "The BBC is to compete head-on with Hollywood under plans by Greg Dyke, the director-general, to revolutionise British film-making. The £250m venture, to be announced next month, will lead to the corporation's first foray into big-budget movies after years of small-scale costume dramas. Dyke's blueprint for a full-scale Hollywood-style film studio at the BBC is intended to reverse the talent drain which has seen generations of actors and directors leave Britain for Hollywood. ... The Daleks will lead the assault on the international box office as the BBC devises a movie version of Dr Who, the science-fiction series first screened in 1963 in black and white. Sequels are already being prepared." The full article can be found at the Sunday Times website.

Since the article ran -- and the Outpost has been inundated with emails pointing us in this direction -- we have been able to confirm that the article is merely a retread of old news. While the news about Dyke and the British film plans are true, the BBC's film plans for Doctor Who are currently only in early planning stages, and no appropriation, financing or production schedule is on the horizon for the near future. Indeed, the BBC's own official Doctor Who website posted on November 27 that the article merely highlights long-standing possibilities, and that a Doctor Who film is no further along than it was when stories started to break in 1999 (see the news archive page for related stories). When and if the situation changes, Outpost Gallifrey will keep you updated.

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11/20/2000 11:41:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon with Mark Phippen
We are delighted to confirm that Bonnie Langford, and her husband Paul Grunert, are the proud parents of a baby girl, born on October 19. A spokeswoman for Bonnie said: "Bonnie and Paul are overjoyed. Both mother and baby are fine." The baby, weighing 7lb 11oz, was born at a London hospital. Our best wishes to the happy couple.

Daphne Dare, Doctor Who's most prolific costume designer died in London on September 27. She worked uninterrupted on every story from "The Daleks" to "The Smugglers" (though sometimes alongside another credited designer Tony Pearce on costume heavy stories such as "The Dalek Invasion of Earth.") She subsequently assisted Sandra Reid on stories from "The Moonbase" to "The Faceless Ones" and was a BBC staff costume designer for mant years. In recent times she had been associated with the films of Ken Loach making notable contributions to "Land and Freedom (1995)" and "Carla's Song (1996)" Working on the program at a time when the historical stories were prominent, Daphne Dare had to come up with suitable designs for Mongols from 12th century China, Aztecs of the middle ages and gunslingers from the wild west not to mention Monoids, Voord, Sensorites and other alien creations. Arguably her most notable work was on "The Celestial Toymaker" designing a range of colorful original costumes including Mandarins robes for Michael Gough and doll outfits for some of the other characters. (Thanks to Scott Sherritt)

Mary Ridge, known for directing many episodes of Blake's 7 and the Doctor Who episode "Terminus" died in late September. Mary worked for many years as one of the BBC's Staff Directors.

Nicola Bryant recently suffered a back injury while taping a segment of a series she was working on. While attending the recording session for the audio commentary of "The Caves of Androzani," Bryant was only able to stand, as she was unable to sit for the taping. Our good wishes to Nicola for a speedy recovery!

Colin Baker & Nicholas Courtney join India Fisher ("Charley" of Big Finish fame) and actor Leon Parris in James Follett's prequel to his classic 80's SF radio drama "Earthsearch." Entitled "Earthsearch: Mindwarp," this audio series was recorded by Big Finish Productions in early September and will be released in May 2001. The original Earthsearch series was the second most successful BBC radio serial ever (after The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy) winning many awards and being translated into over 30 different languages.

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11/11/2000 11:48:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon with Mark Phippen
Doctor Who Continues on Audio: Big Finish Productions is currently releasing monthly Doctor Who stories starring members of the series' original cast. The BBC has renewed Big Finish's current contract for an additional year, through 2002.

Preview & Original Audio on DWM 300: Issue 300 of "Doctor Who Magazine" will feature a special promotional CD (akin to a previous DWM which had a "Sirens of Time" preview) from Big Finish. On the CD will be the first episode of "Storm Warning," the first Eighth Doctor adventure (but without the new opening theme) along with an exclusive short audio starring Sylvester McCoy. The original short drama will not be released independently by Big Finish.

David Arnold to Compose Music: Film composer David Arnold, whose numerous scores include the films "The World is Not Enough," "StarGate," "Independence Day," "Shaft," "Godzilla" and television scores for "Stargate SG-1," "The Visitor" and "Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)," will be remixing the Doctor Who theme in an all-new arrangement (based on the Delia Derbyshire themes from the early days of the series) for the four 2001 Paul McGann Doctor Who stories from Big Finish. Arnold, who will also be composing the film score for the next James Bond film, is said to have gone back into the series' past to the Derbyshire recordings to give the McGann audios a new, haunting feel.

The Eighth Doctor Returns to Doctor Who: Actor Paul McGann, who played the Eighth Doctor in the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie (and whose only subsequent return to the Who fold was to read stories for an audio release, "Earth and Beyond") has taped four audio plays for Big Finish, reprising his role as the Doctor. McGann taped the four stories on 15-19 May in sequence after extensive negotiations with Big Finish and did so in secrecy until the story was sent to Doctor Who Magazine for their exclusive release in the June issue. Joining McGann for his return visit is actress India Fisher (who has a guest shot in the upcoming "Winter for the Adept"), playing the new role of companion Charlotte "Charley" Pollard, a 1930's teenager teenager from 1930 who stows away aboard the R101 airship on its maiden voyage, seeking a life of adventure away from the humdrum society world of her rich stockbroker father. Says Gary Russell: "Her only soapbox is that she's a Mrs. Pankhurst fan, but she isn't obsessive about it. And although she thinks the Doctor is a wonderful, funny, dear man, she has no romantic feelings for him!" Also making a return visit is Nicholas Courtney as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. Meanwhile, McGann has agreed (in principle) to a second season of audios for 2002, which will be comprised of six CD sets. One of these six stories may be set on Gallifrey and may feature Lalla Ward as Romana again. (Photo at right: Paul McGann and India Fisher; photo courtesy Big Finish Productions.)
Audio Production Updates:
  • Eleanor Bron, popular UK stage & screen actress who appeared twice previously in Doctor Who (in a cameo with John Cleese as an art lover in "City of Death" and more visibly as villainous Kara in "Revelation of the Daleks"), portrays Ileana de Santos in the forthcoming "Loups Garoux".
  • Joining Bron is actor Burt Kwouk, the popular character actor best known for his role as Cato in the "Pink Panther" movies alongside Peter Sellers, and who has appeared in such films as "Empire of the Sun," "Rollerball" and "Goldfinger" as well as in the Doctor Who story "Four to Doomsday" as Lin Futu; and actor Nicky Henson, a versatile TV character actor in Britain.
  • Gareth Thomas, who starred for two years as the title character in TV's "Blake's 7" (and returned twice in later seasons), guest stars in "Storm Warning" as Lord Tamworth.
  • The Cybermen are back in the Doctor Who fold, returning for "Sword of Orion," the February 2001 audio play.
  • Nicholas Courtney returns for a second guest shot as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart in "Minuet in Hell," completing the circle and making Courtney the only actor in Who history to star opposite all nine television Doctors (the first seven, McGann, and Richard Hurndall in "The Five Doctors")
  • Actor Michael Sheard, who appeared in many Doctor Who stories including "Pyramids of Mars," "Remembrance of the Daleks" and "The Mind of Evil," is a confirmed guest for the forthcoming "The Stones of Venice" as Count Orsino.
Forthcoming Releases: Confirmed upcoming stories from Big Finish include:
  • "The Holy Terror" (Now in Release): Written by Rob Shearman. Stars Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor and introducing Robert Jezek as Frobisher, the Whifferdill shapeshifting companion (yes, the penguin) from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine. Music by Russell Stone. "The TARDIS lands in a forbidding castle in a time of religious upheaval. The old god has been overthrown, and all heretics are to be slaughtered. Obviously it isn't the sort of thing which would happen there every day - just every few years or so. And when the Doctor and Frobisher are hailed as messengers from heaven, they quickly become vital to opposing factions in their struggle for power. But will they be merely the acolytes of the new order - or will they be made gods themselves? An evil destructive force is growing deep within the crypt. And the pair soon find out that they will be lucky to escape their new immortality with their lives." Also starring Dan Hogarth, Sam Kelly, Roberta Taylor, Helen Punt, Stefan Atkinson, Peter Sowerbutts, Bruce Mann and Peter Guinness.
  • "The Mutant Phase" (December 23, 2000): Written by Nicholas Briggs. Stars Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor and Sarah Sutton as Nyssa. "In the 22nd century, the Daleks have occupied planet Earth. By the 43rd century, only a handful of humans survive. Still further into the distant future, a Thal scientist must choose whether to betray his heritage, or see the universe destroyed. When the Doctor and Nyssa find themselves trapped in this deadly chain of events, they must decide who their real enemies are. What is certain, however, is that no matter where the Doctor turns... his arch enemies, the Daleks, will be waiting for him. What could possibly be worse than that? The Mutant Phase." Also starring Christopher Blake, Jared Morgan, Mark Gatiss, Andrew Ryan and Sara Wakefield.(At the request of Big Finish, we removed the tentative cover from our website. The cover was altered to a new version because the Terry Nation estate agents Roger Hancock Ltd. asked that the Emperor Dalek be changed and could not clear it because it was not something used previously in the series. We have now replaced it with a new version of the cover that is on the final product.)
  • "Storm Warning" (January 22, 2001): Written by Alan Barnes (editor of Doctor Who Magazine), directed by Gary Russell. Paul McGann returns to Doctor Who in the first of four stories as the Eighth Doctor; also introducing India Fisher as Charlotte "Charley" Pollard and guest starring Gareth Thomas ("Blake's 7") as Lord Tamworth. "After a dangerous encounter in the space/time vortex, the Doctor finds himself on Earth, October 1930. Or rather above it, aboard the British airship R101 on it's maiden voyage over France. Also on board is a young stowaway, Charlotte 'Charley' Pollard, seeking adventure and excitement away from her stifling family atmosphere. What Charley doesn¹t know but the Doctor does is that the flight is destined to end in tragedy, although no-one really knows why. Not even the Doctor, although maybe the passenger in Cabin 43 can help..." Also starring Nicholas Pegg (Frayling), Barnaby Edwards (Rathbone), Hylton Collins (Chief Steward Weeks), and Helen Goldwyn (Triskelion). Set around an airship disappearance in 1930.
  • "Sword of Orion" (February 26, 2001): Written and directed by Nicholas Briggs. Stars Paul McGann and India Fisher as the Eighth Doctor and Charley. The Cybermen are back, hiding aboard an abandoned freighter in space, being sought by less than honest scrap merchants. But what is Captain Deeva Jansen's involvement and why does the Orion war suddenly seem so perilously close... Also starring Michelle Livingstone (Deeva), Bruce Montague (Grash), Helen Goldwyn (Chev), Ian Marr (Ike), Hylton Collins (Vol), Toby Longworth (Kelsey).
  • "The Stones of Venice" (March 19, 2001): Written by Paul Magrs, directed by Gary Russell. Stars Paul McGann and India Fisher as the Eighth Doctor and Charley, with guest star Michael Sheard as Count Orsino. The Doctor and Charley become embroiled in the decadent court of a tired Duke and his search for his beloved wife. The curse of the long since dead Duchess has finally come to pass and the enchanted city of Venice is sinking beneath the canals. Also starring Nick Scovell (Churchwell), Barnaby Edwards (Pietro), Elaine Ives-Cameron (Ms. Lavish), Mark Gatiss (Vincenzo).
  • "Minuet in Hell" (April 17, 2001): Written by Alan W. Lear and Gary Russell, directed by Nicholas Briggs. Stars Paul McGann and India Fisher as the Eighth Doctor and Charley, with special guest star Nicholas Courtney as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. The twenty-first century has just begun, and the newly-formed state of Malebolgia is seceding from the rest of the United States of America. After his successful involvement with Scotland's devolution, Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart has been invited over to Malebolgia to offer some expertise. However, there's someone held in a lunatic asylum who interests him, someone who believes he travels through space and time in the TARDIS. It is not, however, his old friend the Doctor... Also stars Robert Jezek (Brigham Elisha Dashwood), Helen Goldwyn (Becky Lee), Maureen Oakeley (Dr. Dale Pargeter) and Nicholas Briggs (Gideon Crane).
  • "Bloodtide" (May 21, 2001, formerly June): Written by Jonathan Morris, directed by Gary Russell. Features the Sixth Doctor and Evelyn with the return of the Silurians from the television series, and... Charles Darwin! The story will delve into the reasons behind Evelyn's travels with the Doctor. Music by Alistair Lock.
  • "Loups-Garoux" (June 18, 2001, formerly May): Written by Marc Platt, directed by Nicholas Pegg. Features the Fifth Doctor and Turlough and concerns a "family" of lycanthropes (werewolves) from Rio de Janeiro. Also stars Eleanor Bron (Ileana de Santos), Burt Kwouk (Dr. Hayashi), Nicky Henson (Pieter Stubbe), Sarah Gale (Rosa Caiman), Jane Burke (Inez), David Hankinson (Anton Lichtfuss) and Derek Wright (Jorge). Music by Alistair Lock. Recording 9-10 December. (Originally called "The Werelings")
  • Dalek Empire I-IV [Title TBA] (June 4, August 6, October 2 and December 3, 2001): Four stand-alone Dalek stories without the Doctor, written and directed by Nicholas Briggs. "'Attention all humans! You are now subjects of the Dalek Empire!' The largest Dalek fleet ever assembled begins its invasion of the galaxy... On planet Vega IV, Suz and Alby take their first, delicate steps towards romance. She's a career girl and he's just a drifter, but they've known each other for months now, and the attraction between them is undeniable. However, the Vega System is the Daleks' first target… and the token Earth defence force patrolling that sector is no match for the ruthless Dalek onslaught. Who is the mysterious stranger Suz finds amongst the devastated remains of Vega IV? What is Alby's secret? Can the Daleks' relentless advance across the galaxy ever be stopped? Dalek Empire is a story of human emotion and galactic intrigue set against the most destructive conflict the galaxy has ever known. Release is now confirmed in 2001 as of these dates.
  • "Dust Breeding" (July 23, 2001): Written by Mike Tucker, directed by Gary Russell. Features the Seventh Doctor and Ace. Originally this slot was filled by a story called "Dark Rising" though we are told by Big Finish that Tucker was dissatisfied with his own progress on the script, and so he submitted a completely different story that Big Finish accepted.
  • "Project Twilight" (August 20, 2001, formerly November): Written by Cavan Scott & Mark Wright, directed by Gary Russell. Features the Sixth Doctor and Evelyn, and is a vampire story set in modern day London. Says DWM: "a gritty tale of vampirism in modern-day London, the story promises gore, gambling and garlic galore."
  • "Colditz" (September 17, 2001): Written by Steve Lyons. A Seventh Doctor and Ace story set in Colditz, Germany.
  • Untitled stories (October & November 2001): No information
  • "The One Doctor" (December 17, 2001, formerly August): Written by Gareth Roberts and Clayton Hickman, directed by Gary Russell. Features the Sixth Doctor and Mel in their first audio together. ("A frantic romp around the galaxy in the company of some rather surprising characters," according to DWM.)
Big Finish Audio Online Ordering: Big Finish has opened its online store, allowing secure ordering from its website. Big Finish's website can be found at
CD Distribution: Big Finish has announced that a number of the CD copies of "The Apocalypse Element" are defective and, in some cases, missing altogether. "These problems occurred in the latter stages of production at the CD pressing plant. The company used for The Apocalypse Element is not the one normally used by Big Finish and consequently we will not be using them again. If you have received a defective Apocalypse Element, Big Finish apologize for the inconvenience and disappointment and would ask you to return the play as purchased (the case and all enclosed CDs) to: Big Finish, PO Box 1127, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 3LW. A new, fully playable, Apocalypse Element will be sent back to you."
Changes to Distribution: Says Big Finish, "The final three releases of this year, The Shadow of the Scourge, The Holy Terror and The Mutant Phase are all set to be issued towards the end of their respective release months, so please be patient. Sorry about this but production constraints and the availability of the leading actors have made this necessary."

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11/11/2000 11:46:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon with Mark Phippen
Doctor Who Returns to the Radio: Doctor Who Magazine and several British newspapers recently reported that BBC Radio was in the advanced planning stages of a new Doctor Who project for Radio 4, for debut in early 2001. Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred were touted as being considered to reprise their roles as the Seventh Doctor and Ace for the serial. An article in The Guardian, a UK newspaper, on March 27, indicated that the script is written by Dan Freedman and Colin Meake of Radio 4's Loose Ends comedy show. Freedman told Doctor Who Magazine that "This will not be a comedy. I'm keen to develop a new take, to bring forward darker aspects of the character." The Guardian story goes on to mention that Sylvester McCoy is considering the role, but that a BBC spokesman would not promise a series, being quoted as saying "We don't want to build up fans' hopes." Recent information suggests that the radio drama bears the provisional title "Doctor Who: Death Comes to Time"

Actor Stephen Fry has apparently signed on to play a role in the production. Sylvester McCoy commented that the Radio 4 chief who commissioned the production has recently been replaced and this could affect the show, which is currently slated to be taped in October 2000 and aired in February 2001.

In early June, in the popular UK movie magazine Empire, Stephen Fry answered questions sent in by readers; he confirmed his involvement in a Doctor Who project for radio. "It is true. It's extraordinarily clever of him to know that. I've been sworn to the utmost secrecy by the BBC because there is such a huge contingency of Whovians, I think they call them. So it is true, but I can't tell you what part I play or what happens in it because I would be assassinated if I did." However, on June 7, Outpost Gallifrey was contacted by Dan Freedman, who sent us the following clarification: "The facts are: At least one episode is definitely being made, series is likely but not officially definite. Sylvester, Sophie and Stephen Fry are confirmed in it. Its called Dr Who: Death Comes to Time and is set after Survival. I write comedy when I'm writing, but I'm just producing this, not writing. Colin Meek (SF writer, not comedy) is writing it. Next week we should have an info page about how fans can be involved in it on the Online page. The departure of James Boyle (ex controller of Radio 4) doesn't mean anything bad, it took me 5 months to persuade him to have it..."

The BBC's official Doctor Who website has confirmed that the BBC has commissioned a pilot episode only ("This means that they have asked and paid for the production of one episode for Radio 4. If they like it, they will commission a series. Until then, there is no date for anything to be broadcast. At the moment, recording is scheduled for October.") Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred, Leonard Fenton (Dr. Legge in "Eastenders") and Stephen Fry are confirmed by the site, and we have received word that actress Jacqueline Pearce ("Blake's 7") and actor John Sessions have both been confirmed for the production.

It looks almost certain that the pilot will be released on BBC Audio, eventually. Meanwhile, the BBC Symphony Orchestra won't be doing the pilot because of the new date, but they will be doing the series, if and when it happens, according to the BBC's official site; neither will David Bowie, who isn't in the drama's pilot because of time concerns -- but who apparently has expressed interest in doing the series itself if the pilot proves to be successful (as a character called the Duke of White). However, William Hartnell does appear in the pilot (after all, this is a series about time travel...)

On Thursday June 29, BBC Online completed a live interview with Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred, producer Dan Freedman and actor Kevin Eldon this week, all of whom are all taking part in "Death Comes to Time". The production will feature a new version of Ron Grainer's theme music. Eldon says he will not be playing the Master, but instead "a gay Cyberman triumphing in the homophobic world of evil robots" (he was, of course, joking).
As of November 8, the pilot for this proposed series is complete. In addition to the above, actor Huw Thomas (coincidentally the brother of early Dalek director Richard Martin) is among the many cast members. If BBC Radio decides to go ahead with an audio series -- commissioning editors likley to make a decision in early January -- the series would likely not be out before June, according to our highly-placed sources.
(With thanks to Peter Anghelides, David Whitten and Gareth Fenton...)

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11/11/2000 11:36:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon with Mark Phippen
These releases are only currently in PAL format (for UK, Australia and New Zealand & compatible DVD players); NTSC format (US/Canada) are expected from BBC Worldwide in late 2001. Special thanks to Steve Roberts of the Restoration Team and our other correspondents for this information.
  • The Five Doctors: "The Five Doctors: Special Edition" is now out on DVD. Sound engineers were converting the soundtrack to Surround Sound format 5.1 as of late June. The DVD contains no "extras", but the soundtrack will be isolated so that incidental music can be listened to independently of the dialogue, even though the music doesn't necessarily match the screen action. Currently in release in the UK and Australia/New Zealand.
  • Robots of Death: "The Robots of Death" will be released on November 13 in the UK (after several changes throughout October). The date was changed, according to Steve Roberts of the Restoration Team, because of an error on the packaging. Updated information on this production: The DVD will feature a commentary by writer Chris Boucher and producer Philip Hinchcliffe on the recording of this episode, 10 minutes of shots and model footage ("unused footage, ex-monochrome Shibaden tape"), an image stills gallery, production notes and a floor plan from the production. The graphics at right display some of the trailer being released on the DVD, along with some of the graphics for the menu screens. (Thanks to James Whittington and to our friend at the BBC who corrected the info, and to Paul Gordon for the graphics.)
  • Remembrance of the Daleks: Due on January 29, 2001. The copyright holders have refused permission to clear two pieces of music by 'The Beatles' used in episodes one and three; these will be replaced by either clearable soundalikes or BBC copyright Beatles performances if they are clearable. Around thirteen deleted or extended scenes from the '71s have been compiled onto an 'extras' tape, which will be augmented by a series of bloopers and outtakes from the recording sessions. In addition, ALL of the isolated soundtrack score from this story will be released on this disc. Says Roberts: "Sadly, not all the original studio and location recordings exist in a broadcast format. However, the current owner of the timecoded VHS copies that were used during production has kindly loaned them to us, so we effectively have access to just about all the surviving recorded material." Two original BBC1 trails for the first two parts of the story have been located and will be included. In addition, two multi-angle sequences have been constructed, featuring Ace's baseball attack on a Dalek and subsequent escape through from the science lab window, and the impressive gate explosion sequence. Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred recorded a commentary, and an extensive photo gallery will likely be included.
  • Spearhead from Space: Having been remastered for broadcast on BBC-2 in 1999, "Spearhead from Space" will be the fourth DVD release (instead of the third), moving to a February 26, 2001 release date. Says Steve Roberts, "The 1999 [trailer] for episode three has had to be revised due to problems with the music that was used. Although apparently cleared for use according to the paperwork that BBC Presentation had submitted, the trail actually feature music by Led Zeppelin, which is not clearable for commercial video release. An alternative piece of music has been substituted by the disc's producer, as omitting the trail from the disc at this stage in production would involve major reworking of the menu-screen graphics. However, the delay caused by this last-minute change forced the release date back to just two weeks before Christmas. The major retail chains such as HMV expressed concern that this would not allow them to properly promote the disc, so requested that the title be held over until early 2001." Commentary for the release was recorded by Nicholas Courtney (the Brigadier) and Caroline John (Liz Shaw). Sound quality is being enhanced at Pebble Mill Studios, with colourist Jonathan Wood making additional tweaks to the colour. The Fleetwood Mac track playing in the background of the plastics factory sequence in part two was removed due to cost of clearances; Mark Ayres remade the soundtrack using the original sound effects tapes of the machinery but without the music. The disc includes Kevin Davies' five-minute spoof 'UNIT Recruitment Film', originally broadcast as part of the thirtieth anniversary celebrations in 1993. The disc will also feature a photo gallery, with many rare or previously unseen photographs from the story and it is hoped that it will also include the two BBC2 trails from the 1999 repeat season and the specially shot 35mm trail for the 1999 'Doctor Who Night', plus a bonus 'Easter Egg' hidden feature (highlight the following text to find out what it is): a bonus Jon Pertwee title sequence unused in the series
  • The Caves of Androzani: Due on April 9, 2001. As the master tapes have seen some decay, the Restoration Team is busy doing some much-needed work for its DVD release. Director Graeme Harper has been liaising with the RT on some of the work, which includes remaking the planet surface matte shots in episode one to remove movement between the foreground and background elements. Harper, Peter Davison and Nicola Bryant recently taped commentary audio in the studio for the release. In addition, a number of special items will be included on the disc, including a BBC-1 trailer for part one (remade in broadcast quality); three news items including the announcement of Davison's departure on the One O'Clock News, a Kate Adie interview with Davison on the same day, and an interview with Davison and producer John Nathan-Turner from the following day's "Southeast at Six"; a photo gallery; and a subtitle 'text commentary'. Says Steve Roberts: "A 75-minute isolated camera recording from the last studio session exists (an 'iso' recording is generally designed to capture alternative angles that are not always being covered by the main cameras and provide additional shots for the director to use in post-production) and includes the shooting of the regeneration from Peter Davison into Colin Baker. An eight-minute featurette is being prepared which will include some of this material and will be accompanied by a commentary. An audio interview with the late Christopher Gable, who played Sharaz Jek in the story, has been loaned to us and forms the basis of a separate four minute featurette entitled 'Creating Sharaz Jek', which also includes previously unseen photographs from Gable's own collection, rehearsal and iso camera material from the last studio recording session, and extracts from the finished show." Musician Mark Ayres is working on the isolated soundtrack which will be presented in its entirety.
  • Future Releases: BBC Video wants to run the gamut through all seven TV Doctors for DVD releases first; the Fourth, Third, Seventh and Fifth are represented with these four releases, with future releases likely to include a First Doctor, Second Doctor (though NOT "Tomb of the Cybermen" says Roberts) and Sixth Doctor release....
  • Doctor Who Films on DVD: Doctor Who comes to DVD in North America on an unexpected avenue: the two 1960's Doctor Who films, "Dr. Who and the Daleks" and "Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 AD" will be released in 2002 on DVD by Anchor Bay, as announced at a recent chat with Home Theatre Forum. To view the transcript see
  • Australia DVD Update: Despite of previous announcements that it wouldn't be releasing Doctor Who on DVD in Australia, Sydney-based Roadshow Entertainment (the company that currently releases Who videos down under) has begun releasing them. See notes above. (Thanks to Rob Irwin)
  • DVD Miscellaneous: Correspondent James Whittington recently spoke to Rob Cory of BBC Worldwide on the subject of DVD releases in the UK. "We hope to roll out at least another 4 titles by Christmas 2001," Cory said, who indicated that the full-length version of the 1996 Doctor Who movie is among those currently under discussion. Cory said that BBC Worldwide hopes to be in a position within the next two years to release Doctor Who simultaneously on DVD and VHS video.

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11/08/2000 11:33:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon with Mark Phippen
 Roadshow Video has apparently issued a recall of the newly-released "The Tenth Planet" video, after fans noticed that the tape was missing the reconstructed episode 4. Only the three complete episodes of the serial were included on the tape. Further investigation reveals that Roadshow may have ordered the wrong tapes from the UK video library. This is apparently the second recent instance of an alteration to a BBC video; the Louise Jameson Multi-Coloured Swap Shop interview was previously omitted from the Australia/NZ release of "The Face of Evil". Paul Scoones of New Zealand fandom recently said on the Restoration Team forum: "Roadshow were sent two masters of [Face of Evil] tape, one with the interview, and one without. They were informed by the BBC that this was because the interview clip had not yet been cleared and that they would be instructed which tape to use when and if the clearances were obtained. The go-ahead was given to use the interview, Roadshow printed up the covers stating that the interview was included, but made a mistake and used the wrong master. Obviously the situation is somewhat different with "The Tenth Planet" as there was of course no uncertainty as to whether a 3 or 4 part version would be released, but Roadshow were apparently completely unaware they'd duplicated an incomplete master tape and it's now costing them to perform a recall and reduplication. It doesn't seem at all likely that they deliberately removed the fourth episode (they didn't remove the reconstructed episodes of The Ice Warriors, so why now?)." Also, the clip of Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant from "Saturday Superstore" included in the UK version of "Attack of the Cybermen," the companion video in the two-tape box/tin set, was not included in the Aus/NZ release, most likely due to rights.

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10/29/2000 11:37:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon with Mark Phippen
Tenth Planet Soundtrack: Ochre Records in the UK will be releasing "Doctor Who: Music from The Tenth Planet" on November 6. This release (#OCH050) is a Mini-CD Album featuring the music from the 1966 Doctor Who story, timed for release alongside the official video release. For more information or to order, visit the Ochre Records website at (Thanks to Terry Francis and Ochre Records)

Big Finish - The Music Volume 1: Big Finish Productions has released "The Music - Volume 1," a collection of music selections from their Doctor Who albums. More information is available at .

Who Is Doctor Who: Mark Ayres is producing a new CD recording for release in November 2000 called "Who Is Doctor Who". The first volume of "Doctor Who-inspired pop records," the release includes recordings made by several Woh actors inlcuding Jon Pertwee, Frazer Hines and Roberta Tovey, as wel as pop music by the Go Go's, the Earthlings and Eric Winstone & His Orchestra. "Many television programmes inspire the record industry to put needle to wax," says Ayres, "but few do so to the extent that Doctor Who has done, and there is an enormous catalogue of disks celebrating (or affectionately mocking) the programme. The theme music itself is one of the most-covered in TV history (I've done it four or five times myself!), and in compiling this disc we eventually had to limit ourselves to the period from 1964 to 1973, realising that, while we present nearly an hour of material, we have only scratched the surface. A second volume must surely follow!"

A History of the Doctor Who Theme: Ayres has also presented a hefty research article on his website devoted to the history of the theme music. You can visit it at

The John Nathan-Turner Memoirs: Also coming soon in audio format from Big Finish Productions (not as a book from Harper Collins as we reported before) is former Doctor Who producer John Nathan-Turner's memoirs. The two double-CD sets will feature a look back into JNT's mind at the making of his ten years on the series, plus his experience in television and what he's been doing since. Big Finish recently finished the editing on this and announced it for early 2001.

2001 Audio Releases: BBC Audio will be releasing two new CD sets in January 2001: "The Myth Makers," the audio track of the lost William Hartnell Season 3 story narrated by Peter Purves; and a CD of "Slipback," the Eric Saward-penned BBC Radio play from the 1980's starring Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Valentine Dyall and Jane Carr. Recently a major UK magazine has announced that "The Tomb of the Cybermen" and "Power of the Daleks" would be out later this year; however, Mark Ayres, who is producing many of the releases for the BBC Radio Collection, informed Outpost Gallifrey that this was completely incorrect.

BBC Audio Releases in 2000: Among the most recent releases this year are: "The Paradise of Death" and "The Ghosts of N-Space," the Barry Letts-authored audio plays starring Jon Pertwee, Nick Courtney and Elisabeth Sladen, in release for the first time on CD; and the audio soundtracks of "The Web of Fear," narrated by Fraser Hines (Jamie) and "Galaxy Four," narrated by Peter Purves. "The Highlanders" and "The Macra Terror" are also set for release later in 2000.


10/19/2000 11:30:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon with Mark Phippen

Story Arcs Continue: BBC editor Justin Richards revealed to DWM that "a shocking new series of twists and turns" is part of the current commission series of Eighth Doctor books for the latter half of 2001, leading up to the BBC's 100th DW novel released in January 2002.

The Five Missing Books: As many dedicated Doctor Who readers in North America know by now, five Doctor Who novels from BBC Books have gone astray on the US release schedule: "The Ancestor Cell," "The Burning," "Heart of TARDIS," "The Banquo Legacy" and"Prime Time". After repeated checking, we have discovered that the release date listed by London Bridge is now April 2001. All five books were earlier released to specialty bookstores and some chain outlets (including some Borders and Barnes & Noble booksellers) that had specifically ordered them; however, after these initial releases, the distributor closed release of these books, and therefore, retailers are unable to reorder them (or chain bookstores and online bookstores such as, order them in the first place). Overseas retailers (and overseas online shops such as are unaffected, and it appears Canadian booksellers can still get them. Retailers who have copies (such as Ambrosia which does have copies of three of the books left) have them from their initial orders. The BBC has been made aware of the April 2001 release date but at the moment is unable to get that date changed; the books are now unavailable to any and all retailers until that time. We will keep you posted when we receive further information on the release of these books.

"Endgame" Note from BBC Books: BBC Books' Jacqueline Rayner asked us to post the following: "A number of people have been in touch to ask about the supposed cancellation of Endgame. So, to forestall any further rumours, this is what's actually happened... Amazon originally listed both of November's books as being written by Terry Nation (no idea why!). They have now corrected this, but it seems that in order to do so they 'cancelled' the 'Nation' books, to replace them with the correct listings - which means that they sent out cancellation notices to anyone who had preordered the books. So there is no crisis - the books will be out as normal, and they are now listed on Amazon under their correct authors. If you have any queries about your preorders, please contact Amazon. Thanks to everyone who brought this matter to our attention."

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10/18/2000 11:43:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon with Mark Phippen
The Canterbury Tales - The Journey Back: The stop-motion animated series concludes on October 18 on BBC TWO at 7.30pm. Among those giving voice to the characters are Tom Baker (as Simkin) and Louise Jameson (as the Horsewoman and Falcon). Other cast members with 'Doctor Who' connections are Bernard Cribbin (as John the Carpenter), Ken Dodd (as Canon) and David Troughton (as the Friar). (Thanks to the official BBC website)

Missing Episodes Won't Cost You: A note to any prospective buyer for "missing episodes" of Doctor Who... don't do it. Recently, several online auctions have turned up so-called 'missing stories' being sold. These are almost certainly hoaxes; anyone with access to the Internet and knowledge of Doctor Who would be aware that such episodes could be considered valuable commodities. If you have come across such auctions of missing material, we suggest you visit the Restoration Team who have legitimate ties to the BBC to investigate. It is very, very unlikely that anything else exists that could be easily sold on any of the auction sites.

Doctor Who 2001 Radio Times Calendar: The new 2001 calendar from Slowdazzle Worldwide is now in release. Featuring some terrific photos, including some never seen except in the pages of Radio Times, it is available online or in specialty stores. More information is available at (Cover art courtesy Paul Gordon.)

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9/15/2000 11:24:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon with Mark Phippen
Bonnie Langford made the news last week, when, according to reports, she tried to physically tackle Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles about comments he had made about her summer show. Moyles was broadcasting from Weymouth, Dorset, when he made disparaging comments about Bonnie's variety show, saying "if that's what they call entertainment in Weymouth, then thank God Radio 1 is here". A very pregnant Bonnie featured on the cover of the Daily Mail's Weekend magazine on Saturday, under the headline "How I survived while my friend Lena Zavaroni died". Bonnie's baby is due in October, and she jokes that she's been drafting likely newspaper headlines for when the baby is born: "Bubbly Bonnie Gives Birth To Bouncing Baby". Bonnie has tried to shed her goody two-shoes child star image recently, changing her agent, and taking out a provocative advertisment in 'The Stage' to announce the switch. Bonnie is currently appearing at the Pavilion Theatre, Weymouth. Later this year she will be performing in Jack and the Beanstalk in Nottingham. (Thanks to the official BBC website)

Anneke Wills will be debuting another of her Doctor Who portraits at the Panopticon convention early September, this one of Sophie Aldred. Wills, who became a successful artist since her days on Doctor Who as Polly Wright, has done many portraits of Doctor Who cast members over the past several years. For more info on her artwork, visit

James Acheson, Oscar-winning costume designer who worked on four Pertwee and four Tom Baker stories, has been signed to work on the forthcoming 'Spiderman' movie. His film credits include Terry Gilliam’s 'Brazil', Bernardo Bertolucci’s 'The Last Emperor' and Stephen Frears’ 'Dangerous Liaisons'. (Thanks to the official website)
Paul McGann's forthcoming TV movie 'The Biographer' has become the focus of some controversy. The film tells the story behind the writing and publication of Andrew Morton's 1992 biography of the Princess of Wales, 'Diana: Her True Story'. McGann will play Morton, and will star alongside Oscar winning actress Faye Dunaway. The controversy has arisen because the producers are considering broadcasting the actual tapes that were secretly given to Morton by the Princess to assist his research. The $4.4m film will be screened later this year. (Thanks to the official website) 

Sylvester McCoy 
was recently the subject of a prank call by the Dead Ringers comedy team. A Tom Baker impersonator rang up Sylvester McCoy and a conversation ensued with an increasingly bemused Sylvester uttering lines such as 'Tom is that you?' and then as greater bemusement set in 'have you been down the pub?'. A version of this hilarious segment, as well as several other "fake Tom Baker" Dead Ringers prank calls and other sci-fi sketches, from the Tom Baker Deadringers Prank Call Archive at (Thanks to Roger Andersen and DavrosDW) Meanwhile, Sylvester is currently penning an autobiography, likely to be published in January. Meanwhile, Sylvester will be appearing in Moliere's 'Hypochondriac' at the Royal Lyceum theatre in Edinburgh during September. (Thanks to the official BBC website)
Nicola Bryant is scheduled to record a new interview tape for MythMakers / Reeltime Productions... this one in Lanzarote, site of the filming of her debut story, "Planet of Fire".
Louise Jameson is to star in a new sitcom, 'Mirrorball', with 'Curse of Fatal Death's Julia Sawalha. The series features the team from Absolutely Fabulous.
Bonnie Langford (Mel) and her husband Paul Grunert are expecting their first child; we recently wrote the happy couple, who confirmed they were expecting in October. Our best wishes to the proud parents-to-be.
Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen made appearances at this year's London International Stamp Show at the Earl's Court Exhibition Centre, where they signed BBC-licenced First Day covers featuring the Post Office's Dalek stamp. Below are the three stamps we have graphics for (courtesy Gallifrey 5).

Tom Baker can be seen here in his role as Hallvarth in the forthcoming film Dungeons and Dragons, set for release this fall (click the thumbnail graphic or click here for a larger picture). Tom is writing a new novel - a fantasy involving "murderous scarecrows, mayhem and great violence. In the opening there is a fearful murder". Tom is also doing the tutorial for a videogame for the Sega Dreamcast called Ecco the Dolphin (this can be confirmed on http:/ in their Dreamcast area) The recent news that he'd been featured in a voice over on a Burger King advertisement is not true; it was a soundalike actor. However, Tom HAS been doing ads for HR Owen Landrovers (he's been doing it since last Summer, but a month or so back a bunch of new ones turned up and no-one (including DWM) seems to have noticed a thing, says our correspondent.) (With thanks to Matt Dale, Tammy Potash and to Cinescape and DNDMOVIE.COM for posting the photo.) 


9/15/2000 11:23:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Compiled by:
Shaun Lyon with Mark Phippen
Missing Pieces: A brand new for-charity Doctor Who anthology collection has been announced. Edited by Mark Phippen (creator & co-editor of "Perfect Timing") and Shaun Lyon (editor of Outpost Gallifrey), the book will feature stories, artwork and poems from fans and many Doctor Who professionals. Actors Colin Baker, Peter Davison and Wendy Padbury will be participating in the collection, which is being sold for both the Downs' Syndrome Association and the Foundation for the Study of Infant Death; Davison will contribute the foreword for the volume, while Baker and Padbury will actually pen Doctor Who short stories! Among the pro authors who have agreed to contribute (schedule permitting) are Kate Orman, Lance Parkin, Trevor Baxendale, Gary Russell, Paul Cornell, David McIntee, Paul Magrs, Keith Topping, Martin Day, Peter Anghelides, Jim Mortimore, Jonathan Morris, Mike Tucker, Craig Hinton, Dave Stone, Nick Walters, Daniel Blythe, Simon Bucher-Jones, Keith R.A. DeCandido, David J. Howe, Paul Leonard, Jonathan Blum, Andy Lane, Jon de Burgh Miller, Stephen Cole, Simon Gerard (BBV), Rob Shearman (Big Finish) and John Peel. The cover for the anthology is being done by fan artist Nathan Skreslet. For more information, visit
     We're happy, by the way, that Missing Pieces was just mentioned in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine, issue 295. Thank you to the DWM staff for helping us promote this charitable venture!
The New Jade Pagoda: The Jade Pagoda, one of the foremost Doctor Who discussion lists on the 'net devoted exclusively to the Doctor Who novels (Virgin and BBC), has moved to Egroups off the old Listbot service. Now, Jade Pagoda features the ability to read on the searchable website itself and much more. To join the new Jade Pagoda list, send an email to
ESIN Closes Up Shop: We're sad to report that Kevin Parker has published the final issue of "The South Croydon LISTener," the official newsletter of the Elisabeth Sladen Information Network. The ESIN will continue as a web-only group found on Egroups.
Myth Makers 10: An anthology of Who fan fiction distributed by the Doctor Who Information Network (DWIN) and edited by Matt Grady, "Myth Makers 10" features stories of the third, fourth, sixth, seventh and eighth Doctors, with companions Liz, the Brigadier, Peri, Ace and Sam. Includes illustrations by Fan Q award winner Mary-Ellen Sandahl and nominee Pat Degan. Visit
The Cat Who Walked Through Time: Alryssa Kelly is putting together a cat-themed Who charity collection called 'The Cat Who Walked Through Time' which is shaping up nicely with stories from: Kate Orman, Lance Parkin, Diane Duane, Paul Cornell, Simon Bucher-Jones, Stephen Cole, Peter Anghelides and a foreword by Mary Tamm! (Romana Mk II). For more information visit
Nine Lives: Another cat-themed fanzine, this time non-Who related, is being edited by Helen Fayle (former editor of Perfect Timing). Features stories by (so far) SF author Charles de Lint, Ian Watson and (commitments permitting) hopefully Dr. Who authors Stephen Marley and David A. McIntee, and diverse others. Visit
Walking Through Eternity: Author Jay Eales (co-editor of Perfect Timing 2) is putting together a new anthology. Says Eales: "It's a collection of Doctor Who stories with a difference. Fans of deeply traditional (and oh, so familiar) corridor runarounds are probably going to be disappointed with the mix of stories here. It will focus very much on the experimental side, taking the motto "Originality over continuity." One of the new authors is Steve Gallagher, in his first Doctor Who piece since his script "Warriors' Gate" from Season 18 of the series. More information soon.
Timelink: Now available from TSV Books (part of the New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club) is a revised edition of "Timelink - An Exploration Of Doctor Who Continuity" by Jon Preddle. This unauthorised volume is 322 pages, A4-sized, and "covers various aspects of Doctor Who continuity, such as the controversial UNIT dates, Dalek and Cyberman history, the Doctor's age, and Gallifreyan history. The book uses as its study material only the broadcast television adventures from 1963 to 1989, plus K9 and Company and the 1996 TV movie." The new edition contains some updated material. For more info go to or email
Tales from the Solar System: Another fan-published charity volume for the Foundation for the Study of Infant Death, this book features stories by Paul Leonard, Martin Day, Lance Parkin, Jon De Burgh Miller and Paul Magrs. According to editor Paul Griggs, the book has indeed started shipping, but because of the printers being used, they are only being shipped 50 at a time; hence, earlier orders will get earlier priority. More information is available at their website at
Fan Produced Documentaries:
  • The Making of Fury From the Deep" by Richard Bignell is currently available with the reconstruction of this classic story. The documentary contains all available color footage from the story (shot on small camera) as well as commentary by cast and crew Hugh David, Michael E. Briant, Margot Hayhoe, John Abineri and Roy Spencer, along with Peter Day (who worked on Visual Effects) and excerpts from "The Slide," author Victor Pemberton's 1966 radio play which was originally submitted to the DW production office in 1964 and which was eventually reworked into "Fury". The final duration of the documentary is 51 minutes and is circulated on telesnap reconstruction tapes with the story.
  • Already in production is "The Making of Marco Polo" also by Bignell, which will be on tapes of a new version of the reconstruction and will include more 'moving footage' than the "Fury" documentary. In addition, the documentary will feature interviews with series regular Carole Ann Ford and guest stars Mark Eden (Marco Polo) and Zienia Merton (Ping-Cho). There is no set release date for this production. (Thanks to Richard Bignell and Robert Franks)
  • The Loose Cannon Reconstructions team has re-united actors Edward DeSouza, Barry Jackson and Jeremy Young after 35 years to reminisce about the making of "Mission to the Unknown," the one-off story that acted as a prologue to the 12-part "The Daleks' Master Plan". The interview will be included on Loose Cannon's upcoming 'Mission To The Unknown' reconstruction. The reconstruction of Mission includes many previously unpublished photos including the rocket ship interior (some of which you can see in the photos provided by Derek Handley to the Outpost's First Doctor Guide, used for the reconstruction. (Thanks to Rick Brindell)